Arrowsmith’s 2/- Net Novels

J.W. Arrowsmith Ltd. (Bristol, UK)
Series dates: 1928-1941
Size: 4.75″ x 7.25″

To call Arrowsmith’s 2/- Net Novels a series is technically correct: it consists of a series of titles, all priced at 2/- net, and published in the late 1920s through WW2. Alas, it was more of a category of titles, all reprints, with a set price.

The series, like many other low-priced publishers’ series, consisted of older back catalog titles at a substantially lower price than the originals. In the case of Anthony Hope’s Rupert of Hentzau, the original issue was 1898 (published by Arrowsmith). This copy was published in October 1937: the 49th edition of the book.

Jackets are unique to each title. Illusrations are included here on the spine and front of the jacket. The spine includes the title, author, price (2/- net) and publisher. The jacket front contains the title and author, along with a note “Being the Sequel to ‘The Prisoner of Zenda.'” The front jacket flap lists additional titles in the 2/- Net Novels series.

The rear of the jacket advertises the Broad Arrow Thrillers series, at both 2/6 and 3/6 net. Arrowsmith’s 3/6 Net Novels are advertised on the rear flap of the jacket. Some titles are duplicated in the 2/- and 3/6 series, thus I’m assuming the 3/6 series was either larger, better quality, illustrated, or all of these.

Green cloth binding with gold typography:

The half-title page:

The title page:

The copyright page includes the printing month (October 1937) and edition (49th). “Printed in Great Britain by J.W. Arrowsmith Ltd., Quay Street and Small Street, Bristol.”