Cornell Series

A. L. Burt Company (New York, US)
Series dates: 1898-1927
Size: 5″ x 7.25″

Burt’s Cornell Series was very similar to its other series (Burt’s Home Library and Burt’s Pocket Edition of Standard Classics, with a large number of titles, a mix of out-of-copyright classics and more contemporary fiction.

The first jacket is from 1904, according to the jacket. The date is for new titles in the series listed on the front and rear jacket flaps. The front of the jacket has earlier titles and an advertisement for the series. This early jacket is a good example of very early 20th century jackets, with their minimalist design and advertising content.


The bindings are cloth with the series name at the base of the spine. The series name is not to be found within the book itself.


A list of the 300 titles in the series is spread over the entire front of the jacket. There is no catalog inside the book. The cost is .75 cents per copy.


A later jacket, probably the 1920s, moves the catalog of titles to the back of the jacket and flaps. 200 titles are indicated, a reduction of 100 from the earlier jacket. The front of the jacket includes a common series design showing a pile of books from the series.


The price on the rear of the jacket is .75 cents, unchanged from the earlier jacket.


Bindings are cloth and similar to those used on late 1930s copies of Burt’s Pocket Edition of Standard Classics.