Vanguard Library

Chatto & Windus (London, UK) & William Heinemann Ltd. (London, UK)
Series Dates: 1952-1956
Size: 7″ x 4.5″

vanguardlib_logoThe Vanguard Library (not to be confused with Vanguard Books, a US series from the 1930s) was a joint venture published by Chatto & Windus in association with William Heinemann Ltd. The joint venture was probably to combine the backlist of titles under copyright to both of these smaller publishers. The series was in print for only a few years in the early 1950s. The series consisted of back catalog titles, mostly modern fiction, a smattering of more and less serious fiction.

The first six titles in the series seem to have had a common jacket design. The price on this 1952 first issue of Huxley’s Brave New World in the series is 3p./6s. The price is indicated on the spine and jacket cover. The designer of the jacket (the somewhat distinguished Edward Bawden) is mentioned on the front jacket flap. The series number is not included on the jacket.


The book is summarized on the jacket back. A list of the first six titles in the series (including this title) is on the back jacket flap.


Bindings are coarse beige cloth.


The paper used is very cheap and coarse, brittle and yellowing 50 some years after the book was published. Titles in the series are listed facing the title page.


The copyright page indicates the series as a collaboration between Chatto & Windus and William Heinemann.


A second jacket, from a book, also published for the first time in 1952, lists up to 24 titles. The design is unique to the title and probably uses artwork from the original book. In this case, the jacket design is credited to “Biro.” The series seems to have reached at least 30 titles by the mid-1950s (#30 was The Backward Bride: A Sicilian Scherzo by Aubrey Menen). The series number is included on this jacket (unlike the Huxley title).


The rear of the jacket continues the list of titles in the series.