Pelham Library

Chatto & Windus (London, UK)
Series Dates: 1941
Size: 7″ x 4.5″

pelham_cw_logoThe Pelham Library was used for a series of general classics published by Boots (Nottingham & London) from about 1902-1910. Chatto & Windus reused the series name for a short-lived series of about 25 titles, dated 1941, many seem to be rebound leftovers from the Phoenix Library. No new titles nor reprints are evident after 1941. The Pelham Library was, in essence, a sub-series to the Phoenix Library, just as the Saint Giles Library (1940) was a sub-series to the Travellers’ Library.

Jackets are common in design, with the series name on the spine and cover. The jacket flaps are blank.


The minimalist design is carried over onto the back cover, but it and the rear flap are otherwise blank.


A basic blue cloth binding with white stamping.


Additional titles by the same author are listed on the page facing the title page. Year of publication is on the title page.


Red ink was also used for the jackets, as in the case of Jefferies’ Nature Near London.


Two more titles, again, both 1941. Tales by Strindberg and Light in August by Faulkner.


Pelham Books (London, UK) reused the Pelham Library name for a series of juvenile non-fiction books from about 1963-70.