Western Frontier Library

University of Oklahoma Press (Norman, OK, US)
Series dates: 1953-date
Size: 5.25″ x 7.75″


Reaching 68 titles in 2011, the Western Frontier Library was first published in 1953 by the University of Oklahoma Press. The titles are largely long out-of-print books focused on the American West, many of which had not been previously reprinted. Paperback versions of some of the titles were issued starting in the early 1960s.

Jackets and bindings for the series followed a general design used at least through 1975. Later titles lose the general series design. Pre-1975 titles indicate the series name at the top of the spine and in a band printed across the upper right corner of the jacket front. A blurb for the title is included on the jacket flaps. This copy of Edward Bonney’s The Banditti of the Prairies was published in 1963 as #23 in the series.


The blurb continues on the rear flap. Each title has an editor who provides an introduction to the book. The rear flap contains a list of titles in the series.


The reverse of the jacket contains a list of Western Frontier Library titles (in this case, up to #21, two titles behind the list on the jacket front. Two other series, The American Exploration and Travel Series and The Centers of Civilization Series are also included.


Bindings consist of textured boards with black and silver printing.


The half-title page:


The title page:


The copyright page includes the copyright date and an indication of first (or subsequent) printing.