Percy Reprints

Basil Blackwell (Oxford, UK)
Series dates: 1920-1953
Size: 5.25″ x 8″

A long-running limited series (at least 13 titles) of “reprints of famous old writings.” According to the American Oxfordian (1920), it consists of “reprints of more or less inaccessible monuments of English literature.” The series was edited by H.F.B. Brett-Smith. This series should not to be confused with the Percy Press Reprints, issued in the 1940s and 50s.

Higher than average quality bindings and very scholarly in tone. The jackets are common to the series. This copy of Congreve’s Incognita, number 5 in the series, was published in 1922, relatively early in the series time span. Price is 4s/6p. Front and back flaps are blank.


The back of the jacket details the first seven titles in the series.


Cloth binding over heave card-stock covers.


The half-title page:


Seven titles in the series at the time are listed facing the title page. The date is on the title page. The reverse of the title page is blank.


A catalog of titles in the series is at the end of the book, same as printed on the back of the jacket. Additional Blackwell books are advertised after this list.