Daily Express Fiction Library

Daily Express Fiction Library (London, UK)
Series dates: 1936-1940
Size: 4″ x 6.5″

delogoThe Daily Express Fiction Library is a reprint by the Daily Express Newspaper of some of the titles from the earlier Readers Library (Readers Library Publication Company, London) which was in receivership by 1934.

Series dust jackets, in this case, Maugham’s Sadie Thompson, are black ink printed on lurid red paper with a design unique to the title. Jacket flaps are blank. This copy is undated but most likely 1936-1937.


The rear of the jacket and flap are also blank.


Bindings are cheap cloth with cheap (now, in 2016) brittle paper.


The book opens (rather startlingly) with the half-title page and no preceding page.


Minimalist title page. No copyright or publishing information is included in the book. The series is the name of the publisher and is indicated on the title page.


A copy of Walpole’s Portrait of a Man with Red Hair from the series.


There is no catalog or listing of titles in the books.