Twentieth Century Classics

Dennis Dobson Ltd. (London, UK)
Series dates: 1952-1954
Size: 5″ x 7.5″

A post-WW2 publisher established in 1944, the firm consisted of Mr. Dobson and his secretary Margaret Green. The two married in 1953, and the press developed a specialty in musicology books, fiction, and books imported from the U.S. The company merged with Putnam’s in 1954. Dobson died in 1978, and the business was dissolved not long after.


Dobson’s Twentieth Century Classics lasted only a few years, and with eight titles total. The titles were a quirky mixture of fiction and biography. All shared a common jacket design: The series name included on both the spine and jacket front. A summary of the title is included on the front jacket flap. Price was 7s./6d.


The rear of the jacket includes, on this copy of Bolitho’s Murder For Profit (first printing in series, 1953) other titles in the series. Bolitho is the only title not on this list and probably the last title published. Summaries of other Dobson books are included on the back jacket flap.


A sturdy, cloth binding with red and gold decorations.


Half-title page:


Title page faces a list of four of the series titles.


Copyright page includes the series publication date as well as the original (1926) date of publication of the book.


A 1952 first printing in the series copy of Linklater’s Mary, Queen of Scots. This copy lacks the list of titles on the back of the jacket but includes descriptions of two additional titles in the series.