Donohue’s Popular Copyright Fiction

M.A. Donohue & Company (Chicago, US)
Series dates: 1900-1930
Size: 5″ x 7.5″

Similar to Donohue’s Calumet Series (1900-1930) their Popular Copyright Fiction series contained just what the series title implies, recent fiction (and a few non-fiction) titles at about half the price (.60 cents) of a typical new book.

The front of this jacket of an undated (but probably 1915) copy of Bellamy’s Looking Backward does not include any imagery, but other jackets in this series had designs (probably borrowed from the original printings). A list of some of the “Handsomely bound in cloth” volumes, at .60 cents each, are listed on the front jacket flap.


Additional titles are advertised on the back of the jacket and back flap.


The bindings are in sturdy buckram.


The copyright page of this title indicates the relevant copyright information. The final date of copyright is 1915 which is probably the date of this title. There is no indication of the series in or on the book itself.