World Books

World Syndicate Publishing Co. (Cleveland, New York, US), a subsidiary of World Publishing Co. (Cleveland, US; 1928-1935).
Series dates: 1928-1942
Size: 5″ x 7.5″

worldbook_logoThe World Syndicate Publishing Company was established in New York in the 1860s and published inexpensive, usually juvenile series. In 1928 the firm was acquired by chief competitor Alfred Cahen’s World Publishing Company located in Cleveland. More details about the World Publishing Company can be found in the description of their Living Library series.

The copy of Gulliver’s Travels, shown below, is undated but given the World Syndicate Publishing Co. imprint with the Cleveland (as well as New York) locations, it was probably printed in the late 1920s or early 1930s before the World Publishing Co. became the joint name of the two publishers (in 1935).

The publisher name is on the spine, but not the series name. The jacket illustrations for the series are unique to each title. The front jacket flap advertises the popular juvenile series The Airplane Boys.


The rear of the jacket lists titles in the series from 901-930, all typical classics appropriate for young adult readers. The number indicates at least 930 titles in the series. The rear jacket advertises the Banner Boy Scout’s Series.


Bindings are somewhat shiny, cheap cloth with black typography.


A modest half-title page is included. The paper is cheap and coarse.


A monochrome illustration faces the title page.


The copyright page includes printing information (“Printed in the United States of America”) as well as the series logo (reproduced at the beginning of this entry).