Landmark Library

Chatto & Windus  (London, UK)
Series dates: 1968-1975
Size: 5.25″ x 8″

landmark_logoThe last title (issued 1975) in the last series published by Chatto and Windus was Ivan Bunin’s The Gentleman from San Francisco and Other Stories in their Landmark Library. Issued initially at the rate of one title a month, the idea was to issue hardcover books at paperback prices. The series reached 39 titles in 1975, no additional titles were published after that year. The titles are a curious assemblage of authors not found in most of the other hard cover reprint series that were available at the time (Modern Library, Everyman’s Library, Nelsons Classics, Collins Classics). A curious attempt at a new “classics” series published as all the major series were in decline in the late 1960s.

Jackets are unique to each title and follow the general design of this Bunin copy. An illustration related to the title is printed on the front of the jacket. The series name is run horizontally along the side of the illustration. The series name is not on the spine, but the series logo is. The front jacket lists the titles in the series in numerical order up through #16.


An overview of the title is included on the rear of the jacket as is a brief biography of the author. The rear jacket flap continues the titles in the series up to this particular title, the last in the series.


A solid brown cloth binding with silver stamping includes the series name and logo.


The half-title page includes the series name and serial number of the title.


The title page:


The copyright page includes details about the original publication of the book.